Who is Michelle:

 My family says; I'm Fun, Energetic, Talented, Easy to be around, Can capture your soul through your eyes, Unforgettable, Brave, Kind, a Warrior, Generous and Caring.

I Say;  I'm Scared of snakes, Love Pickleball, Try hard, a Survivor, Love to compete, Enjoy meeting new friends, Fun, Friendly, Love my family, a wife and mother, a Story Teller, am a Photographer- it is where my heart lands and brings me joy.

Why I am who I am; The importance of a photograph grew from experiences in my life;

 In High School I had a friend who was an athlete like myself, and her mother would take images of us at all our events. Those are still some of the most cherished images I have, of me on a podium getting an award, or capturing me participating in an event and with my friends. It's probably why I take pictures. I see the importance and power of an image.

My Brother died at a young age, and having pictures of us as siblings, as well as images of others that I have lost, are Priceless.

My battle with Cancer; Life is fragile and illness can sometimes be quick. Having images that show our lives as families and the love we have, became very important to me. I wanted to document what our life looks like for me, my family, and now for yours. I feel that when we pass, the only thing we take with us is our love for each other, our knowledge, and who we have become. What we leave behind are memories and images of who we were and how we loved. Those images become very important as we tend to forget life's journey, and a photograph is more dependable than most memories. A photograph is part of our history and you will never hear me say, I took to many pictures. You often hear regrets of images they wish they had.

This is why photography is so important to me.  I would like to help you have those cherished memories and images you want and need.





At Michelle Renae Photography clients are considered good friends. We hope you are that comfortable with us and our services. We love people and love being part of their lives. We especially love helping to create unforgettable moments. Let us help you capture that look, that style, that personality, and that moment in time that will forever be part of the most valuable art work in your home.

We are primarily a location studio that tailors your session to reflect your vision. We will be there to guide you through from the beginning of your experience through the session to selection and finally to art work in your home.

We specialize in settings that are natural and capture your heart and soul. We are not traditional or trendy. We are unique, timeless, and unforgettable.

We are excited to give you an unforgettable experience and products that you will treasure and share for years to come.

Thank you for letting us be your friends, capturing your life and giving you an experience that you cannot find anywhere else.